Why Lulalend?

We believe in small businesses.

We want to grow your business

We deliver business funding using our cutting-edge Lulalend scoring technology, which takes into account the health of your business together with your personal credit score.

This means we are able to give your business the best possible funding.

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funding in as fast as 24 hours
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Focus on real customer service

The Lula difference

Process Why Lulalend - Black and White Lulalend Logo Traditional lenders
Application process Fast and online with no paperwork Detailed with potentially a number of visits to the bank branch
Funding Funds delivered within 24 hours of application Can take up to 12 weeks to receive funding
Security None required Security preferred
Costs Transparent & agreed upfront Variable over time
Repayment Flexible Fixed
Restriction on use of funds No restrictions Agreed, specific purpose
Application success rate High Low
Customer service World Class Needs improvement

Customer Service is here for you

Our white glove approach to lending includes a focus on real customer service.

Unlike many organizations where you can spend forever talking to a machine.

Lulalend has friendly, dedicated service representatives here for you.

Call us on 087 943 2381
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